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Visit the Freshline Fisheries Shop next to Fruit & Veg for a wide selection of fresh fish, frozen seafoods, sushi, take-aways and spices/condiments for seafood dishes.

Fresh fish available includes: 

Please note: our hake and linefish is handline caught, not trawler fish, which is generally bruised and soft due to the netting and handling procedures.

Hake head on, (export quality), hake head off, kingklip, baby kingklip, snoek, tuna, Cape salmon, kob, gurnard, seabream silvers, yellow tail, sole, Norwegian salmon, dorado, sword fish, rainbow trout, snapper and blue marlin.

Frozen seafood:

Calamari tubes, calamari rings, calmari steak, clam meat, clams whole, crab sections, Mozambique, crab sticks, crab whole Namibian, crafish live, crayfish frozen whole, crayfish tails - Weskus, haddock, Live mussels – Saldhana bay, lobster tails Mozambique, mussel meat, mussels ½ shell Saldhana bay, Portuguese sardines, Prawn jumbo – deveined, prawn meat, prawns Mozambique, scallops large /sheet / 12 scallops, Seafood mix, Shrimps, smoked Norwegian salmon, smoked peppered mackeral, smoked salmon trout and smoked snoek.


Fresh fish take-aways from our shop.